Saturday, June 4, 2011

माझं Tweet.....वॉशिंग्टन पोस्टवर - अस्सल मराठी माणुस अशोक खाडे

५ जुन २०११:  दिनांक ३० मे च्या Economic Times मधे पहिल्या पानावर "Dalit Entrepreneurs celebrate the launch of Dicci's Mumbai chapter ही बातमी वाचली, त्यात माझे मित्र श्री. अशोक खाडेंचा आदराने उल्लेख होता ......."Look ahead, the future belongs to us," says Ashok Khade, managing director of the Rs 550-crore DAS Offshore Engineering. Khade, who employs 4,500 people, of which 152 are BTech engineers.   Dicciची मिटिंग हॉटेल ताज मधे आयोजित केलेली होती, तिथ उपस्थित एका पत्रकाराने अशोक खाडेंना विचारल की तुम्हाला सरकारकडुन  concession नको का?  त्यावर नम्रपणे खाडे उत्तरले की आम्हाला कुठल्याही प्रकारच Concession किंवा Commission नको, आम्हाला पाहिजे चार शब्दांच Appreciation!  The Economic Times या भारतातील आघाडीच्या इंग्रजी बिझनेस वृतपत्रात पहिल्या पानावर नाव येण्याला कॉर्पोरेट जगात "arrived" असं म्हणतात.    त्यांना अभिनंदनाचा फोन काही केल्या लागला नाही म्हणुन मनापासुन वाईट वाटलं.   त्या नंतर मी कामात गर्क झालो आणि फोन करायचा राहुनच गेला.   नंतर म्हटंल त्यांच्या विषयी एक छानसा ब्लॉग लिहीन ते ही राहुन गेलं.  आणि आज अचानक त्यांच्या सेक्रेटरीने मला इमेल वरून एक बातमी पाठवली.   इमेल उघडुन बघतो तर अशोक खाडें बद्दल The Washington Post वर आलेली detailed बातमी.   ताबडतोब  त्यांना फोन लावला त्यांचे मना पासुन अभिनंदन केले त्यांच्याशी सविस्तर बोललो आणि हा ब्लॉग लिहायला घेतला.  अशोक खाडें आणि त्यांच्या बंधुंनी Das offshore मधे काय केल आहे ते The Washington Postच्या  शब्दातच  तुम्ही वाचलेल बरं.    मुंबईत बांद्रा रेलवे स्टेशन ते बीकेसी दरम्यान पहिला "स्काय वॉक" बांधणारे अशोक खाडे! 
माझ्या पुरत बोलायचं झालं तर ते एक माझे फारच जवळचे मित्र.   एक दिलदार, बेधडक,  नम्र पण स्पष्ट बोलणारा,  लोखंडाच काम करणारा कणखर पण तेव्हढाच हळूवार आणि मनस्वी माणूस म्हणजे आशोक खाडे!   कुठलही काम हे Perfectच झालं पाहिजे, आणि मेहनतीला अजिबात पर्याय नाही; स्वप्न बघायचे तर मोठे नाहीतर बघुच नये अस ते नेहमी सांगतात.  The Washington Post मधे त्यांच्या BMWचा उल्लेख आहे म्हणुन त्यांच्या BMW MH 05 S 1000 सोबत त्यांचा फोटो देत आहे.   ते एक उत्तम वक्ता आहेत आणि मराठी तरूणांना मार्गदर्शन करायला ते एका पायवर तयार असतात.    Outlook Magazineची वार्ताहाराने श्री. अशोक खाडॆंना त्यांच्या BMW बरोबर फोटो काढायला सांगितलं तेंव्हा ते नम्रपणे त्या वार्ताहाराला म्हणाले की फोटो काढायचा असेल तर तो फक्त माझा नको काढु, कारण ही BMW ज्यांच्या मेहनतीवर मी घेतली त्या माझ्या कामगार मित्रांबरोबर काढ.    

पुन्हा एकदा श्री. अशोक खाडेंच मनापासुन अभिनंदन!   The Economic Times आणि आता The Washington Post सारख्या वृतपत्रात आपल्या मराठी उद्दोजकांची माहिती येते, तोंडभरुन कौतुक होते.  निदान त्याची तरी बातमी आपल्या मराठी वृतपत्र देतील अशी अपेक्षा करुया?

New millionaires hope to serve as role models for India’s lower castes

MUMBAI — Ashok Khade heads a flourishing $32 million construction business in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai. He employs 4,500 people, is building a dockyard for his company, drives a gray BMW and wants to buy a helicopter next year.

A first-generation entrepreneur, 56-year-old Khade’s success is remarkable because he is a member of India’s _____ caste, once known as untouchables in Hinduism’s rigid social hierarchy. As a young boy, he lived the life of these “broken people,” facing crippling poverty and discrimination. He was not allowed to draw water from the village well, could not enter the temple and was forced to attend school in segregated classrooms.

But more than six decades of education programs and affirmative-action policies, coupled with India’s recent economic expansion, have begun to break the occupational ceiling that the ancient caste system imposed on certain people. There is now a robust *  middle class of doctors, engineers, lawyers, bureaucrats and politicians, and a growing number of business owners such as Khade.

“In the world of business, success matters more than caste,” Khade said.

Khade started working as a technician in a Mumbai shipping yard in 1979 and studied engineering in the evenings. He quit his job in 1992 and used the salary from his last two months to start Das Offshore Engineering, designing and building unmanned offshore platforms for oil companies.

With their newfound economic clout, Indian millionaires such as Khade are working to lower barriers and prejudice in their villages, funding grants for certain students, building schools and roads, and employing people of all castes in their businesses. They are also trying to showcase their success, hoping they will become role models for youngsters and help them move beyond the dominant images of discrimination and despair.

“This is a proud moment, and we want to celebrate the success stories,” said Milind Kamble, 44, chairman of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “For too long, we have shouted angry slogans on the streets.”

Getting in on the boom Kamble started out as a teenage activist with the Dalit Panther group, which was inspired by the Black Panther movement in the United States. Today, encouraged by the rise of African American entrepreneurs, he devours the American magazine Black Enterprise cover to cover.

His business group has 1,000 members, but that number is likely to double when registration begins in 10 more states across India in October. The chamber is also setting up a venture capital fund to encourage new entrepreneurs.

Many see a growing class of lower caste business owners as an important next step in the community’s transformation.

“If these people don’t see themselves in the list of the rich Indians, then the signal is that India is booming but these people are not invited to the party,” said Devesh Kapur, director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania, which is conducting a survey of successful Dalit entrepreneurs.

So far, the research has found that these people are well represented in the manufacturing sector, producing cement pipes, copper tubes, automobile components, solar heaters and frozen food, as well as ethanol, and even high-rise buildings.


Anonymous said...

Don't mention again and again Dalit...they are used to the cannotation , at some point we must using this(these) words. His sucess is not just because he is Dalit ..........we must respect the abilities beyond everything.Sorry to comment like this but there was no alternative!

Congrats Mr Khade and u too for covering this news!

Nitin Potdar, Corporate Lawyer, Mumbai. said...

Understand n thanks. Even I found it little odd; I have now made few corrections in italics.

Hobasrao said...

Congratulations Mr. Khade for this great success. We all Marathi people irrespective of which background we come from, have all capabilities to succeed in business and trade. We all Marathi people should try and help each other.

अमित चिविलकर said...

खुप चांगली बातमी आहे, खाडेसरांचे तर अभिनंदन पण सोबत ही बातमी आमच्यासमोर आणल्याबद्दल पोतदारसरांचेही आभार.

Anonymous said...

Thak you for this news,but I think with few other Marathi names,one english weekly also had published news,It was national weekly,but looks like our own SAKAL PAPERS editorial deptt. is sleeping,if they can not publish the best news from their own land,specially when editor who is also the president of Marathi Sahitya Sammelan,too high,he has not published in Saptarang of Sakal either,
Thank you washington post,Thank you Nitin,