Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dear Friends,


I have been communicating with you through this blog  I would continue writing on this blog and share my thoughts.   However, I now compiled all my activities at one place on   Hope this would facilitate better access to you on my other activities in greater detail.

I am thankful to you for your love and affection that you have been bestowing on me all these years;  You have encouraged and supported me do to multiple things.  I hope to keep up to your expectations in future also.

I am always eager to hear from you ..

Warm regards,

Nitin Potdar

Monday, July 2, 2018

Impressions - my first painting exhibition

Mumbai :  19th June 2018.  The Odyssey is renowned, widely read Greek epic, known for detailing the arduous but fascinating journey home of a legendary king and hero. The voyage and its many facets are rich fodder for the themes inspired in this piece of literature. And today, it is in a similar manner that renowned Mumbai-based lawyer Nitin Potdar has brought forth his life experiences, translating into captivating brushstrokes across a number of canvases.

This is the very art that has been unveiled for the eyes of the world at ‘Odyssey’, a group show in Mumbai this month by creators including Nitin Potdar, Sadashiv Kulkarni, Appa Gadkari and Deepali Gupte Vaidya, who hail from diverse career orientations.

As part of ‘Impressions’ within this exhibit — which is a compilation of recent paintings by Nitin Potdar — the easel has been a means to project an artist’s rich insights into honest, soul-stirring creations.

For more than 30 years now, Nitin Potdar has devoted himself to the highly skilled task of interpreting the law, people, facts, and situations. Currently holding the position of partner at the leading Indian law firm of J Sagar and Associates, Potdar is a widely acclaimed foreign investment expert, advising top Indian corporates as well as global firms on the diverse intricacies of mergers and acquisitions, among other legalities.

His prolific professional passage has inspired a hidden talent, manifesting as vibrant hues and firm brushstrokes in acrylic on canvas. Through works like ‘Inspire’ ‘Firm’, ‘I Choose’, ‘Discover’, ‘Spirit’, and more,  he has journeyed inwards to find his muse, relaying an aesthetic charm through a myriad of moods and emotions captured in paint, using sure lines, universal colour schemes and striking frames.

While Odyssey was inaugurated by eminent artist and JJ School of Arts professor Prabhakar Kolte, the event hosted some very special guests, including senior journalist Kumar Ketkar, singer-composer Kaushal Inamdar, and noted screenwriter-actor-director Amole Gupte.

Experience the unique artistic voyage of an acute legal mind as he shares his mind’s captivating essence through his distinctive craft through his own ‘Impressions’.