Creating Business Leaders at Schools 

Thousands of Educational institutions in India, each year produce lakhs of arts, science and commerce graduates and thousands of engineers, doctors and scientists.  ‘Unemployment’ and equally ‘Unemployable’ are two major problems faced by these graduates on account of significant skill gap leading to large-scale of dissatisfaction, disillusionment and unrest in the society.

Admittedly our text books have failed to offer real-world experiences, but at the same time the importance of theory also cannot be undermined.  It is high time that we combine theory and practical commercial experience in some form that would make our education system truly an enabler and not a blocker.
Einstein had once said that Imagination is more important than knowledge. Each person's imagination is different and therefore he has to be guided correctly to choose his occupation in life where he is going to spend a majority of waking hours.

Gobally, project-based education is proved to be the best teacher for students.  It enables students to improve their analytical skills, build team spirit, engages them meaningfully to communicate and collaborate with fellow students, parents, teachers and society at large.

The idea of Maxplore Program – is an attempt to make students look beyond syllabus, think creatively, independently and innovatively; allow them to discover their true interests at an early state of their educational career so that they pursue right options and make informed choices of further studies to make a difference in the World. 

Nitin Potdar

Founder & CKO

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